Best free website monitoring services

We all have our own website nowadays. But most of us don’t know until someone else to tell us that our site is down.

There are many free website monitoring services available. Following are the few of them that are best free website monitoring services:

Features UptimeRobot
Sites can Monitors 50 1 5
Monitoring Interval 5 min 1 min 5 min
Email Alerts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SMS Alerts Not available 20 20
Monitoring Locations N/A N/A Multiple

uptimerobotYou can monitor up to 50 websites, most importantly it checks your website every 5 minutes and its totally Free.  The user interface is very easy, neat and clean.

pingdomOne of the most reputed one, but the free account will allows you to monitor only one website.  But I like this system because it can check your website every 1 minute. The system has many features and very modern user interface.   If you have only one website to monitor I would suggest you to get an account.

gotsitemonitorThe free account will allow to monitor up to monitoring interval is 5 minutes.  This system has a unique feature that you can set to monitor yoru website from different geographic monitoring locations, for example if your website visitors are from Europe, it is better to monitor from Europe based servers.

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